1. Jennifer Mazza.

    Red Letter No. 7, Oil on linen, 6 5/8” x 8 3/4”

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    ENVIEN SUS APORTES A kretzy17@msn.com

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  3. mpdrolet:

    Florida, 2012

    Jim Goldberg

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  4. barebackwannabeslut:

    Female moon mask
    ca. 1830–50

    Tlingit , possibly Sitka


    Princeton University Art Museum

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  5. red-lipstick:

    Santiago Ydáñez  (b. 1969, Jaèn, Spain) - Untitled, 2006     Paintings: Acrylics on Canvas

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  7. sophiafosterdimino:

    I’ve been making these zines for a little over a year now. Here’s #4. I brought 80 copies to SPX this past weekend and gave them to my dear friends. As a bonus I hand-colored all the covers for some bizarre reason

    SPX was wonderful as usual. Congratulations to the Ignatz nominees and winners! I picked up a ton of books & zines, and I’ll enjoy reading them over the next few weeks.

    The first 3 Sex Fantasy zines are tagged here, so you can read them if you missed them the first time around.

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  9. Super Mario Bros. 3 - Ice Land

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  11. magictransistor:

    Phenakistascope. England. 1833.

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